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The oldest and first environmental health "go-green" company of its kind in the State with EPA Certified, microbiologist, Immunologist, Mycologist, Health Risk Assessments, Inhalation Toxicology, and Immune System Recovery Consultant that covers the South GA. area's from Savannah, Brunswick, Waycross, Richmond Hill, Hinesville, Statesboro, the whole coastal area Including South Carolina.
Providing services for residential, commercial, and office buildings the solutions for any type indoor environmental issues and the ability and training to actually change your present indoor environment and adjust the climate.
We will not turn down anyone with illness due to toxins and in need; no matter where you live in coastal Georgia.

Environmental Consultant, Inspections and Illness Related Inspections, Health Risk Assessments,  Immune System Regeneration,  Lab Testing, Analysis, Declaration of Clearance Letters of a "normal ecological and healthy Indoor Environment for Certification of a home or building and protection of the liability of owners, board of directors, or government property or any type dwelling. Building Science Education and Experience, Design, Re-Modeling, and Restoration; Safe HVAC Environmental Techniques for Premium Healthy Performance per ASHRAE/ IAQA and LEED protocol for a healthy go-green HVAC systems.

EPA Certified Company 
What do we do? How do we protect you and your family?
      The EPA warns that poor and contaminated Indoor Air Quality is the number one environmental health risk to you and your families that now exist. The type particles and spores you may be inhaling and ingesting in the "conditioned air" in your home or office. This information, awareness, and knowledge is our mission. The Company you choose and their ethics, EPA and other certifications, experience, and desire to preform at the highest level of competence and integrity has become critical for a positive and healthy outcome and the true answers of what may be going on in your home or work's indoor environment. Quality Air Consultants specializes in the Indoor Air Quality Environment, The discovery, origin, type, characteristics, and the cause, health effects, and removal (Remediation) of mold, fungus and any other type harmful contaminants that may be found. We keep you informed and consult with you throughout the whole process; from the investigation and testing, analyzing and explaining every step taken, to you, giving you an assessment of your home/ office which tells you everything you would need to know about the how's, why's, when's, and where's of the problem and the protocol for the remediation. The cause of the mold growth will be explained, proved, and taken care of with the steps taken by protocol removal of all contaminants found; to achieve the post test requirements for proof of a normal and healthy Clearance Letter, safety, and declaration of your Indoor Ecology.
This letter also ensures you that no more mold growth will come from the incident or the cause of the contamination that has taken place, it will no longer be a concern.
Quality Air Consultants pledge; you will receive the biological and EPA ethics "truth" and explanation of any problems you may have, and also the plan of protocol necessary to rid the dwelling of the contaminant and its cause of origin. With the highest standards of education, integrity, and care with follow-up afterwards, and Environmental Health suggestions and recommendations; and at a fair price that is always lower than the franchise companies that preform many tasks, and do not specialize in environmental issues, nor do they have the background to answer your questions and to risk the health of your family to a mold clean-up company.

! Q.A.C. also provides services for residential, commercial, and office buildings the solutions for any type indoor environmental issues and the ability and training to actually change your present indoor environment and climate. From dew points, temperatures, and temperature inversions and to change the real factors that inhibit mold, and bacteria growth. This ensures your indoor environment will not be so inviting to mold, bacteria, toxins, and particles as volatile organic compounds that can cause a poor Indoor Air Quality which could lead to a myriad of symptoms, illness, and health effects. With our years of experience with all types of Inspections and Investigations and training in Environmental health and as Indoor Environmentalist we can be of service for anything from water intrusion floods, HVAC contamination, to odors, ground water and crawlspace issues, attic efficiency and roof leak incidences, fibers and organic compounds in air, condensation and moisture problems, and construction defects or system Mal-functions, to vacancy of a home or building, all situations that can cause mold, toxins, pathogens, and be harmful contaminants for you in your own indoor environment.

Eco-Friendly products and services performed at all timesTOXIC MOLD:
We have seen changes over the years in the niche of toxic mold illness', research, protocol remediation steps, knowledge of its effects and how it works and invades your bodies, as it has grown in awareness, the large Franchise Companies started getting into the mold clean-up business. They list Mold Remediation along with their list of flood, fire, smoke, carpet cleaning, and debris clean up. What they saw was a way to make a lot of money off Home Owners Insurance companies; as clean -up is all they do, they do not know what types, genus', health effects, how it grows, and research has said that up to 90 % of the Remediation's are not successful or fully done correctly to a level of Clearance.
The name "Gold Rush" instead of Mold Rush was the term that stuck to the actions of these franchises as they knew no one had a good idea of how much some procedure like this "Remediation" should cost, even the Insurance Companies.
That does not happen anymore, but most all their bids are 10,000.00 no matter how large, or what type home, with no assessment or explanation of all the steps and then absolutely no conclusion. You are left with a piece of paper and no information of what you should do about any symptoms, how to maintain the healthy environment, or anything showing that the job was a success, and passed a Clearance of acceptable limits. You really are left in the un-known about what to do or if all is ok.

Our crew on an environmental Remediation and Conservation Job of a Historic Building in downtown Savannah that is under restoration and re-modelling  to be a new usable School.

Crew Outfitted for water damage repair
This field of toxic mold analysis and the origin and the genus of the particular mold from the over 233 different toxic ones that exist is a serious issue and could be a very harmful and even disease causing contamination (according to the individual and immune system's sensitivities). If you feel or suspect you have toxic mold from an incident of water intrusion, or any other reason, it is our opinion according to the ethics and complex factors involved as microbiology and a person or families health that it be Inspected and handled by a Certified and Licensed Indoor Air Quality Company that can identify the genus', know the concentration levels of the air borne spores, the way they originate, the building's construction design, the codes of the home and HVAC systems, how the mold grows, and enters your bodies system and may cause the different health effects and pathogen infections. You need professionals in all phases of exposure to toxic molds and the steps of remediation plus the consulting and help for you and your family to know everything that is involved and your health is being taken seriously and can be helped, guided, and recommended options through the process of "toxic mold origin assessment elimination and Remediation of the tested concentration levels of spores and growth found and to be ensured you and your family are past any toxic mold exposure issues and a Declared Clearance before job is done." Not just a Certificate of Mold Remediation Protocol in a general, basic clean-up for each job being the same."

The years of Inspections I can stand with many others in saying every Job is different; all persons sensitivity levels that are involved are different, all issues of health and compromised toxic exposure is different. You need to know about your home and what has happened and why and peace of mind that it is all over and clear.
AND yes, we are way less expensive than those type companies, even with all that you receive through this time of Remediation of your home and family, you may be steered by your Insurance to the franchise companies as they do have a connection, but you, the homeowner have the right to choose who you want to do the construction, renovation, and the mold inspection and Remediation work on your home.

ERMI Testing for Your Health and Determine if Your Home is Moldy. This test actually identifies the mycotoxins in the air and on surfaces in the home. Each mold expels these air-borne spores in the air, and it can be several different genus of toxins, then we would know what types you have been exposed to, for treatment and help to rid you of the toxins.

Member of Better Business Bureau At QAC we go above and beyond any other "Mold Remediation Company" with our testing, assessments, user-friendly consulting, sincerely caring for the health and well-being of our clients; which is included in our pricing. 
We find that everyone deserves the right to a "down to earth" explanation of the testing and inspection, not just some boilerplate copied information, and the why's, what's, and how's of what is happening in your own Indoor Environment and the ethics to reveal the results, interpret, and reveal the possible health issues as researched.

We do pride ourselves on ethics and are "very happy" to inform someone on a first time inspection, of a normal Indoor Environment with no elevated molds or toxins in their air. We do not look for reasons or results to promote work and will not use scare tactics to enhance a client's intimidation to have work done. This person would just receive a Letter of Clearance of a Healthy Indoor Environment up front.

Certified Mold Inspection: Performing a walk-through visual inspection, with use of cutting edge technology equipment using cameras, scopes, and meters to locate contaminated areas. Also providing quick results to our Clients from Certified Lab air testing, surface swabs, slides, or bulk testing which identify a complete list of fungal, bacterial, or "mycotoxins" air-borne spores and the concentration levels you may be inhaling or ingesting.
Once Certified results are received; charging Comparable Prices as other companies; we also interpret the Lab results in an Assessment Report for you in order to provide the Environmental Health Technician approach and skills to determine the connection to any health effects. Also the microbiology knowledge of fungal-bacterial origins and growth characteristics are utilized in order to provide you the peace of mind knowing that we have covered all the aspects of the findings and how the problem began. We explain the possible invasive reactions these airborne *mycotoxins or pathogens may cause or trigger in a persons immune system, and assist in evaluation of your sensitivity to any toxins found. We are **allowed to suggest and inform you of physicians and clinics that are now specializing in fungal infections and toxicity. Also provided is a full explanation of how these spores or toxins originated and were able to grow in your particular indoor environment. Any prior water damage, roof leaks, air flow pattern concerns, and layout of structural design problems are revealed by the assessment given after inspection and Lab Testing Results.

If inspection and testing reveal elevated levels of mold, toxins, or allergens; we also provide the Certified protocol of mold removal or any other contamination areas.

Remediation cost are anywhere between 1500.00-7500.00 on a home with contamination and accelerated toxic mold growth. The normal and usual will fall in the middle of this range in pricing for Residential Remediation.

We will explain any and all steps and the cost involved in following the appropriate protocol to eliminate the existing problem. Once again by specializing in this field, our experience and testing result sometimes in very simple solutions. Once remediation protocol is performed; through Post testing we will provide results using the latest methodologies to determine that the indoor  air and surfaces are now a "Normal and Healthy Ecological Environment" and it is safe for in-habitation and normal living conditions for your family have been reached.
At this point you would receive a "Certified Letter of Clearance" which is used for Insurance Companies, selling of properties, rentals, business, office buildings, personal liabilities and most important your family's peace of mind and your quality of indoor air and of life.
*Pathogen is a specific found agent (as a bacterium or virus). "Mycotoxin" is an airborne toxic spore produced by mold.
**We always recommend if you have symptoms or illness you stay with your doctor or a physician of your choice and fully take his or her advice and provide them with the report information.

Certified Maintenance Agreements- ASHRAE / IAQA
Commercial Remediation and Maintenance
Sick Building Syndrome- has become a big issues with employees and their employers.

After the building has been assessed and tested, we would do the Remediation to change the Indoor Air Quality to Clearance levels that are methodology of 13 Major Associations and Groups in IAQ world-wide on the standards of a Good and Healthy indoor environment. After reaching the desired levels with the HVACs, the offices, and the indoors of the building, we want to keep it that way, and protect you from any liabilities that may arise as the awareness is all over the net now with ways to do OSHA complaints, etc. WE want you to have a full folder of information of spot testing, protocol steps of maintaining the environment for the employees. All the steps involved with keeping the offices/work area healthy and safe. We offer specifically designed maintenance agreements for large office buildings to residential yearly contracts. As in anything, prevention is the best measure to use for Clean and Healthy Air. If anything liability wise ever did show up, I have been called as an expert witness several times and have seen first hand the company with "the folder" full of proof that he is doing everything possible to keep his /her employees healthy and safe and in great working conditions.
Their is no argument against a company that is environmentally maintained and testing the air quality. That is the pinnacle of excellence for a company to do so. It increases production, happier employees, and at work everyday, not sick. Also in the process the energy efficiency increases as no contaminants are in air-handlers and temp. inversions are taken care of, and the climate of the interior of building is better. The over all well-being of all involved is a noticed difference by management.
Sick Building Syndrome has become a major problem and a high health risk in America. certified mold inspectionA workplace, office building, retail, warehouse, or Dr. Offices and Clinics with Poor Indoor Air Quality. HVAC systems are a major part of that poor air quality.

Kevin Griffis- Owner CMI, CIE, CIAQ, RHT and a Consultant of Mycology, Immunology, Virology, Inhalation Toxicity, DNA Sequencing and Re-generation of the Immune System,   EPA-Safe HVAC Environmental Techniques of Sanitizing and Remediation of systems, including ducts, plenums, supplies, vents, condensation, and lines to promote the unit expelling more water, temperature inversions on the systems with the use of solar insulation which is water proof-moisture proof-and mold proof. Consulting as an Environmental Health Technician from fungal, bacteria, and voc's and gasses. Design and lay-out of air-flows, climate effects, and lowering condensation and humidity. Energy savings as we have dropped thermostats by up to 11 degrees and home feel the same temperature wise, as we increase its performance and air flow speeds. 
HVAC Contamination
Condensation techniques, rust prevention, clean flushed fins and coils, sealants applied for protection against and bio-growth, fungal, or bacteria in stagnate water and air flow performance increase, energy usage decrease, no mold growth, Return vents and plenums clean, all supply vents working properly and clean and sealed with microbial clear encapsulates. Increase in air-flow and filtration at the recommended levels of capture ratio and w measurements. During the year air testing and bacteria evaluations included with the same very affordable low price.
EPA Certified Framed Certificates of a Environmentally maintained building for healthy working environment's put in commercial buildings. Cover all issues of sick building syndrome. Four (4) visits per year based on time, season, change in temperatures, weather, dew points, and humidity. Clean fresh air inside to clean fresh water expelling from the condensation lines outside.
Note: A normal size 3-4 ton HVAC unit in this area in summer can produce between 5-9 pounds of water per hour....That's a lot of water to be expelled by unit, all that is not expelled outside is causing condensation in the home, and in the duct work, and sitting inside unit stagnate and growing the fungal and bacteria.

Providing clean healthy indoor air quality is the key factor in combating environmental health effects. At Quality Air Consultants we are winning the battle
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and are ready to protect your health and your future, working on Commercial, State, and City Government Projects, Homeland Security, FLETEC, FBI, Federal Housing in Brunswick to Valdosta, HUD, and Sub-contracted for the US Army at Ft. Stewart,  GA. Public Health Departments, Federal Govt' Projects, also City and County Govt' Offices, Mental Health Departments, Social Security Offices, and Corporate and Commercial Institutions, County -Owned Buildings, Public Courthouses, City Halls, Fire and Emergency 911 Departments, Nuclear Facilities in S.C. at Clarke's Hill with the Army Corp of Engineers, Malls, Retail Chains as Walmart, Hair Salons, CPA Offices, Office Complexes with up to 35 Suite or Offices, in Savannah to St Simons and west to Valdosta, and all of Southeast Georgia. We have helped in the restoration and preservation of many historical building projects.

Assessments and Other Environmental Testing: includes Asbestos Surveys, Lead Testing, Formaldehyde, Chinese Sheetrock, Allergens, Radon, Food Contaminants, and Bacterial Pathogens.

OSHA Complaints- Employee, Patients, Client complaints filed against you with OSHA or other agencies. Call us immediately, as we can handle any OSHA complaints, the employee, and respond to OSHA quickly with an Assessment of the Issue at hand and have had experience working with them on filed complaints. 

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E-Mail:  kevin@qualityairconsultants.com
Contact us today for a professional and insightful consultation and learn how to live environmental toxin-free. Let us win this battle for you; we'll all breathe a lot better!