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  1. Amanda McLawhorn Klimt‎ to Kevin Griffis · · I want to thank Kevin Griffis for allowing God to use him to help people in this world that are suffering and don't know why until they meet Kevin. I truly believe every interaction he has with people is a God sent. I was sick for 5 years! Last summer I was bed ridden and told by the doctors there was nothing they could do because they couldn't find what was wrong with me. I was dying... By the grace of God I found some help and managed to get up again but was still so sick.... I prayed for God to take me home or send me help. Then I met KEVIN. He told me it was mold. I wasn't sure, never even thought of it. He came and found it! He cleaned my house up completely! A month later, I am back to WALKING 3 MILES A DAY and jumping on my Mini trampoline 20 minutes!! THAT IS A MIRACLE! Just a couple of months ago, I couldn't even walk around the block. I would not have survived another summer. I believe that with all my heart. Thanks to Kevin Griffis, I now have my life back! I will forever be grateful to his servant heart, his compassion and willingness to do what ever it takes to help someone get their life back. Thank you my friend!! You ARE the best

Many thanks for giving us clean air to breathe in our home! 1006 Monarch Cir Statesboro
Joan Price-Adan <jpriceadan@gmail.com>
Kevin Griffis <kevin@qualityairconsultants.com>...
John Adan <jmckadan1@gmail.com>
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Hi Kevin,
It's been approximately 6 1/2 weeks since you were here and wanted you to know how pleased we are with your services. We've shared the experience and the photos with our friends, family & doctor and will be writing a short article for our neighborhood summer or fall newsletter to make folks aware of you and what you offer. I can truly say as a result of your work my quality of life i.e. no more debilitating headaches & nausea from breathing the mold toxins has improved 100%. So, don't hesitate to use us as a referral should you need it.
Thanks again...
Warmest regards,
John, too

I’m now convinced that 95%of the health problems in my home were due to poor indoor air quality. The sneezing, coughing, headaches, lethargy, nausea, yellowish/brown and infected mucus
from sinusitis, symptoms are gone! I have clear mucus for 1st time in over two years! All this has dissipated due to having our indoor environment cleansed and sanitized  the HVAC also as Environmental Health Tech's guided my son and i to the proper treatment for fungal infections. My son’s asthma is under control and symptoms greatly improved. I was skeptical at first, but the quality of life in this household now is all the proof I needed. We could not believe the difference in the removal of mold from our air conditioning, I had to turn my thermostat down, thus, saving energy. I recommend QAC with urgency! For the same pricing they did the Inspection and Testing....and Remediation; but most important they guided us through new Doctors and anti- fungal treatments available to help my son and myself to finally find the right path to being cured.....and actually would check up on us after the job was done !!! For months....I thought that type of service was long gone........not with QAC!!
Sue Mobley – Brunswick, Georgia
Help with our Homeowners Insurance that said "NO" and again said "NO" ...with the expertise and guidance of QAC we got the full amount.  This was left to us by our parents who passed, the home had been vacate, and had been overtaken by total mold contamination. The plaster walls were corroding, spots on the walls, the framing inside was rotting due to mold and the musty smell that was coming out of the air ducts led us to QAC. We were still paying a payment on the home and couldn't sell it in this condition...we were stuck!! After a few letters and conversations the Insurance company gave us the funds to remediate our home and save it. The only thing my parents had for us, my brother and I. 
We were about to give up, seriously crying over what to do. QAC came and pumped us up and gave us the spirit to pursue this matter and helped us step by step. And because of our situation never charged us a Dime for consulting on how to proceed. Long story short....house is done-Insurance paid-now we can sell.
Months ago ..we thought there was nothing we could do,
How can we ever say enough about the caring spirit and blessings received from Quality Air, it was a miracle all the way...CALL THEM 
Cheryl Williams and Billy Inman-  Waycross, GA.
We moved to ST. Simons from Connecticut, one of the hardest things to get used to was the reliability of professional help in the area. Unfortunately, as most home owners we have had our share of emergencies and repairs. Our faith had also been severely shaken by professionals who did not show up or came 6 hours late and / or left work undone---until we met Kevin and Skip.
Heaven knows we did not want to have air conditioning /air quality and mold problems---but we did. Kevin was recommended to us and he came , thoroughly assessed our problem(s)- and there were multiple "opportunities" for improvement, and  that was the start of a long and trusting relationship with Kevin.
Up to date on the latest techniques and research, Kevin is also very knowledgeable about the building from A-Z, and able to scope out both existing and potential problems. He is relentless in solving problems and tracking them to their source. Such as my asthma in my home, I have suffered with for a long time.
Kevin has come at all hours and stayed until the job was complete-always following up to ensure there is no enduring problem afterwards, and keeping updates on our health issues. He wants to make sure that we are happy with the results!!
There are a great many people who hang their shingle out and profess to be professionals in air conditioning/ mold/ and air quality---my suggestion is you go for the expert who is also a consummate customer service guy---Kevin.
                                                       Jan Kiss   St. Simons Island