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  • Consultation – A Certified IAQ Technician will access your problem and discuss with you: Options and strategies to correct damages and the removal of threats to your environment and how to make it GO-Green.
  • Certified mold inspection –  Includes testing, reports, and remediation. Health effects and 3rd party testing for Restoration and Insurance Companies, protocol requirements and Clearance letters. Certified mold removal following the latest protocol and using cutting edge technology testing and remediation equipment.    
  • Solar Insulation- a game changer-in the battle against condensation, moisture, wall-sweating, temperature inversions, humid indoors, and actually changing indoor climates to inhibit bio-growth such as mold. Also energy savings that really make a difference you can see in your monthly bill. Works in attics, crawlspaces, covering HVAC systems and duct work- the solar wrap is also mold-proof and moisture proof. Call to find out all the advantages.
  • EPA Certified HVAC service – Safe environmental techniques, to include sanitizing and elimination of mold, toxins, second-hand smoke, and pathogens. Required in proper protocol for remediation of the home or office of fungal and bacterial mycotoxins, to insure the safety of environmental surroundings to the occupants. Removal of spores and pathogens from the air, HVAC, and ducts. Improved condensation flow, air flow, filtration, and bacteria/ fungal coil flushing. (Read HVAC Service page)
  • Duct sanitizing – EPA-safe chemical fogging, condensation control, and proper filtration which results in improved air flow and ultimately: Energy savings, Removal of dust and debris, and elimination of spores and toxins in the air.
  • Odor Identification- We have a new technology in testing to identify any type odors or smells you may be experiencing. Any type of gases such as methane, musty- mildew smells (dirty sock syndrome), wet building materials, VOC's. Any type of odor identification available.
  • Water damage – Inspection and repair of damage caused by mold and toxins due to roof and plumbing leaks, flood damage, and crawl space contamination. Detection and removal of hidden mold in walls and attics. Moisture control sealants.
  • Crawlspace Design and Enhancement- Total Inspection, air flow patterns, humidity control, moisture problems, fungal growth, bacterial growth-designs to keep your Crawlspace from becoming contaminated and preventing moisture problems that can damage your floor joist, foundation, and grow toxins that can enter your home's Indoor Air. Create A Safe/Healthy Lasting Environmental Crawlspace through Quality Air Consultants. Call for inspection if your duct work is under crawlspace, a major cause of fungal growth. 
  • Construction-Micro-growth prevention – New cutting-edge preventatives and sealants to stop micro-growth for any structure: Concrete, framing, walls, roofs, ceilings, and sheet rock.
  • Unexplained Illness- Environmental health awareness – Learn the origins and characteristics of fungal and bacterial pathogens, how they effect your health, and the symptoms they produce. Your technician will not leave you in the dark. You will be informed and educated throughout the process to help you best understand the procedure and how important your well-being and health is to us
  • Home Buyers-A buyer should know what they are getting into before purchasing a home. We highly recommend a Bio-growth report before purchase, this would cover mold, contaminants, and bacteria and all environmental pathogens. You need to KNOW what you are getting into! Call us for testimonials.....Even new homes that have been sitting vacant. If Inspection is found to be in line with regulations, we would write you a Certified Letter of Clearance that could be presented to clients or buyers as statement that the home in question has been tested by protocol and is a "normal ecological environment" and safe and healthy to for all inhabitants.
  • Now offering New Lead Regulations and Asbestos Testing and Inspections in the Savannah and Brunswick areas....
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