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EPA Certified HVAC Photo Gallery
Mold and Contamination Pictures of various Jobs 
All molds and bacteria produce airborne spores which are invisible to and inhaled by the persons in the indoor air, after testing have determined where no mold could be seen, occupants were breathing up
  Mold in HVAC fins and coils can
produce up and expel mycotoxins
at a rate of up to 40-80 toxins per
                                                                   minute. .
Plaster with Mold damage -          Aspergillus on Hidden
hidden behind cabinets                  roof leak deckingmold removal during remediation, before remediation for assessment during inspectionroof leaks causing mold, photo before remediation for assessment during inspection OSB is a favorite area of mold growth.Sheetrock damage with mold, photo taken before remediation for assessment during inspection
Mold (aspergillus) in bathroom closet
mold on sheetrock ceiling
Roof Leak water damage
mold on HVAC photo for assessment during inspection before remediation
Hidden Mold on top of ceilings due to roof leaks
Mold growing in fins and coils of air handler dispersing invisible mycotoxins into the indoor air.
toxic mold photo taken for assessment during inspection
Mold growing on back of insulation and framing in attic
black mold removal during remediation
Toxic mold behind a perfect sheet rock wall,
growing on back of baseboard, sheet rock, and on concrete block. Before removal sheet rock and baseboard looked absolutely normal. Could NOT be seen with naked eye. Infrared camera's led us to this.
 Sewage Contamination
Sewage Contamination on Foundation wall under crawlspace allowing bacterial and fungal toxins into home, sewer pipe is pictured, soil contamination below where leak occurred. Bacteria and fungal contaminants entering the home...ever heard of fecal staphylococcus ? MRSA, Staph Infections.......
Crew performing mold removal during remediation 

Taking down of sheet rock wall
that had been flooded by a roof leak.
indoor air quality test performed before remediation and after for certificate of clearance
Same unit -Blower motor...
Before HVAC sanitizing
mold removal during remediation
Unit after Sanitizing and Sealants applied. All found toxins killed and remediated, no more harmful amount of toxins being blown into home. This one was Aspergillus, Cladosporium, and Chaetomium.
EPA certified company performing repairs for water damage a leading cause of mold
Crew on Job in Savannah, a restoration and Remediation of Old
Chandler Hospital.
plumbing leaks if not repaired can lead to mold growth
This use to be a sheet rock wall under the window as well as the bottom of the wall beneath the cabinets. You can see what mold has done to the interior of both walls. And you see mold growth on the back of the wall of the room on the other side of the blue cabinets, framing rotten by mold and water damage from hot water heater leak. This is all behind the wall after the leak had been repaired.
The mold was still in growth and will continue until remediation. So although the plumber did his job repairing the leak
nothing was done about the mold growth that can begin within 12-72 hours after a water leak has gotten building materials wet. Mold will feed upon materials causing rotting and total destruction of an inner wall....it will rot extremely quicker than a soaking wet piece of wood in dark, damp conditions. You see for yourself.....Insurance paid for total wall demo and re-construction of outer and inside walls, framing, insulation, vapor barrier, Sheetrock, priming and painting with a special microbial sealant and preventatives, sealing of the floor,and surrounding area, HVAC sanitizing, duct-work sanitizing, and post testing to assure a Letter of Clearance so no problems selling or living in home.
That's our job, from consulting on working with the Insurance adjusters and Agent to the testing, inspection, remediation and protocol and overseeing the re-building and replacement of the demolition due to the fungal growth by the water intrusion, and then the post testing to obtain a Letter of clearance, consulting on any symptoms or illness involved, and in this case due to the type illness the occupants had to stay in a hotel until all work was done under our Certified recommendations, and they were re-reimbursed by this particular Insurance Company. Of course most cases this is not necessary, but as we found this was the proper protocol in this job and was followed to the clients wishes.