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Do you have an illness that seems to never get any better ? Taking antibiotics, medicines, different physicians and nothing really seems to improve? They never can really tell you what is wrong; or sometimes find nothing concrete to your illness in all the testing they do. Has anyone mentioned or suggested it could be caused by environmental issues; just as allergies are caused by inhaling certain particles of grasses, trees, or even eating certain foods.
In the same way particles, toxins, fungal, bacterial spores and organism's that are contaminants can be found in your indoor air that can cause many different illnesses and symptoms. These Environmental Health factors are often over-looked, ignored, and are never detected.
The same medication continues, same diagnosis, without  really getting any better, ever consider what you are inhaling and ingesting on a daily basis?
Quality Air Consultants has been engaged in many mysterious investigations for concerned clients as we have the access to perform and conduct hundreds of different environmental tests.
I could fill many pages with mold related illness' we've been involved with since I started years ago, from being in your 30's and being diagnosed with Early Alzheimer's by Neurologist and it actually being severe mold exposure causing brain fog, memory loss, and a definite lack of focus, thus causing anxiety and weight loss. A woman in her 60's that could not walk to her mailbox out front to get mail, as shortness of breath, flu like symptoms, and major energy loss would not let her; to the same woman sweeping and cleaning her carport and drive the next week when we arrived after Remediation. At the top of mold exposure list is Chronic Sinusitis and Chronic Fatigue (CFS), ADD, fibromyalgia, and Asthma especially in children is up 300% in last few years.
A vibrant 59 year old woman who is a picture of health, diet, and exercise and no history to support anything like all of a sudden coming down with Hypersensitive pneumonia. Reason: Pure HVAC contamination from various incidences from past and not the proper protocol of maintenance of the HVAC system. An abundance of school teachers; the total negligence of the vast majority of school systems in U.S. that all have bad Indoor Air Quality, and have "no Comment" on the subject and teachers have their Jobs threatened if they go to school board meeting and raise the question of Air Quality or Mold. ADD in schools, is it really a medical ADD? Even a rapid rise in bipolar diagnosis and heavy meds given to children, is it really this disorder? Our neighbor, Canada has mandatory Good Indoor Air Quality mandates for their school systems, and they are checked frequently and tested, if infected or accelerated by mold, contaminants, poor air quality they have to correct it immediately or dismiss the children from school until they get the problem Remediated. The polls say, "in Canada about 6% of children are on any type of medication; U.S. we are at over 45% of children are on medication." These low numbers are good for Germany and England also as they have enforced Quality Air in Schools.

Fungal polyps growing in persons lungs and sinus cavities, more common than you think, misdiagnosis of lung diseases, very common....I could go on and on, all information hidden from us by the media, by Govt, by Big Pharma, by our poor economy status in U.S.
ERMI Testing Available:  ERMI Testing is for your Doctor to determine which actual mycotoxins you are exposed to in your home or work. These test are designed to break down each family of toxic mold spores (air borne) ; such as Aspergillus is the Family of a very Common toxic mold in the South East U.S. Most found in each home or business; the family has 16 different genus or strains of Aspergillus, Aspergillus Fumigatus, Niger, Vesicolor, and others. Each has it's own characteristics and health affects, and toxicity. Then each strain has different mycotoxins it expels into the air that you inhale and ingest; so a knowledgeable mold Doctor needs to know which ones exactly you are exposed to as they will be running test that show mycotoxins in your blood and urine. These are attacking your immune system in a myriad of health disorders in different ways.
We are called from these Mold Doctors to inspect patients homes and offices to get ERMI testing so they can help solve where these mycotoxins are coming from to the patient. From independent Wellness Doctor's to Mayo Clinic need these test to properly evaluate the patient up front so they know the environments the person is living and working in.
This test will tell the history of a indoor environment as it will collect spores that have been there since it was built or an older building for at least the last 10 years.

Un-explained illness is a common and frequent call we receive in our office; especially after an individual has endured a regiment of antibiotics or switching of different doctors in an effort to achieve a correct diagnosis. A woman and her husband had finally built their dream home to  live in forever. After being in new home for a while the wife started noticing skin irritations leading to an eczema type rash, she had been to more than one doctor and dermatologist giving her medications and creams to apply topically to her rash. After several trips to the doctor, with the irritation showing no signs of improvement, she decided to get her indoor air tested.
We tested for fungal, bacteria issues, and did an inspection of the home; as some toxic molds are well-known for causing serious skin problems. During one of our conversations collecting information; she happened to say "we had a company pull up during construction selling blown-in insulation that contained a pesticide to keep the insects and pest away." The light came on, as our particle counter had detected an unusually high amount of particles in the air; which could be indicative of fibers also. So grabbing a bulk sample of the blown in insulation we sent the samples in to Lab for identification of make-up and pesticides used. Not one legal Pesticide allowed in the US came back from the sample we sent in to the Lab; we quickly learned  after research that  the insulation was produced in China and with the use of an illegal pesticide. With the insulation piled all over the air handler in attic fibers containing the chemicals were being pulled into the HVAC system and blown through-out the home. With removal of the insulation and replacement with a different type, in 1-2 weeks the rash began to heal, and is now gone for good.
Odors: The owner of a seven story office building in Jacksonville called with employee complaints of a strange strong odor being an intermittent nuisance and disturbance of the employees in the office building. This odor would become so bothersome, that at times a number of these employees would have to leave the office and return later. The owners determined the odor had no connection with the weather, adjacent river, or time of day. The City of Jacksonville Authority had been all over the property, inspection everything from the sewer system to the soil, foundation, and everything up to the roof. They  spent several hours and the City's manpower to no avail, hired different technicians, and had the dwelling totally inspected numerous times.  Upon our arrival we  learned of all the trials and approaches of the several professional who had been there before us. So we went with a protocol of a first time TO-15 canister test to catch and identify the culprit. A stainless steel canister with a flow meter regulator to slowly inhale the air in the building for a 24 hour period of time was placed in the 1st floor hallway of the middle of the building. This test will measure and detect over 74 different VOC particles, organisms, and substances in the air from all the materials, gases, and equipment used in the different offices.
Within that 24 hour period, the canister had solved the problem. Upon receiving the results from our Lab outlining the analysis of the air inside; we discovered that the permissible level of Acetone that was contaminating the air; was hundreds of times over the permissible limits. This contaminant comes from ink, fingernail polish, and several paint related products. Without knowing prior to our testing; as we disclosed the results of the findings, the owners told us a publishing company had moved from the whole top floor just a month before our arrival.
They incorporated at least a hundred copiers which would run 24 hours a day. As a result and over a long period of time, the acetone levels rose to a dangerous level and would at the exact pressure dew point, air-flow, and humidity of the HVAC system would be expelled from the supply vents all through-out the building. This was in the late fall and the HVAC system had not been utilized as often as normal due to the moderate temperatures.
This discovery made by Quality Air Consultants was after paying much wasted money for many companies and city engineers to have inspections of the HVAC systems/building/outside area inspected for correct operations and any signs of contaminants or gases without any results.
Gas odors had plagued a local Health Building for the last couple of years. Again as each time we are called; a plethora of technicians from plumbers to engineers had been through-out the building being paid for determining  the odor's origination. This odor was also intermittent, with no connections to outside weather conditions, moisture, or repetitive time. Again a direct protocol was taken on the old building constructed in the 1930's. Testing the soil outside and air inside resulted in methane; but without the additive gas of hydrogen sulfide, which when natural gas is being used for all equipment in a structure so a gas leak can be detected. Sewer methane gas will give off that "rotten egg" smell from the sulfur dioxide in the sewer from the soil.  We knew right away this was a sewer leak somewhere in the vast building or basement. Utilizing  the old maps from the water department and with their co-operation we ran a vast amount of artificial smoke from the street sewer line into the building. Within minutes we had found the gas leaks in the system of hundreds of pipes in the basement.
Methane sewer gases have been problems in commercial and residential situations on a regular basis for our company. One investigation revealed that  lightening had struck and cracked a plumbing vent pipe that carries the gases out of the roof of the home. The crack was all the way down into the bathroom wall of the home.
A trucking company had suffered a horrific smell for a very lengthy time, and after repeated expense to determine the source; we reached the conclusion that some dead rodents in a duct can put off actual methane type gas smells for a long time as decaying in a moisture filled environment.
We have found sewage leak fungal toxic mold and bacterial contamination under a crawlspace that caused seizures and headaches. From brain fog, to focus problems, slurred speech, heart palpitations, nausea, myriad of illness' and symptoms. (refer to symptoms page).  Which is quite sad, because some people were thinking their problem was psychological in nature because the doctors could find nothing really wrong in all the tests they had run.
**(Check out Research Below)Sinusitis, and respiratory illness- "Chronic Sinusitis is the most common and No. 1 chronic illnesses in America" that many encounter  where no clear mucus has been discharged in months; just a dark yellowish/brown infected or bloody discharge and persons have been through many different antibiotics and nose sprays, shots, and even steaming pots with no relief. Once sinusitis becomes chronic it is totally a fungal infection and even fungal balls or polyps grow in the large sinus cavities above the eyes on each side of the forehead. Aspergillus and Cladosporium are two of the most common causes and most popular toxic molds found in homes and offices in this area.
Our office received a call regarding a strange dust-type substance showing up in a home on the furniture, surfaces, floors, computers, and kitchen counters. Frankly, this dust was all over the interior of the home. This dust was a slick, smooth, gray dust and we quickly realized it was being inhaled and ingested by the occupants. They had been to neighbors homes to see if it was something outside coming in; no luck there as all other homes were clean. Through a particle identification test to see what the dust was made up of, we were able to match it with an older type wool based insulation used in the home. Needless to say breathing wool fibers in at that amount of concentration was not good for either of the homeowners.
We have heard of a similar situation except with some dust-type substance from building materials can contain such small particles as zinc, in this case used on an access flooring system (plated with zinc for corrosion resistance). These zinc whiskers as  they are called were electrically conductive and had gotten in the circuit board and shut down a whole computer room and system in an office building.
Concerning Un-explained illnesses usually we are contacted after several Doctor visits, including switching of different antibiotics, treatments,  or after test have been run; and nothing found that show the cause for the symptoms. Very often a Doctor will recommend after no results from testing and x-rays or MRI's for you to have your Indoor Environment tested for contaminants.
We also have clients that have noticed and determined that the symptoms have developed after moving into a new residence or have started a new job in an office building. They notice that when they are away for a weekend their symptoms improve, or when family or friends visit for a while they become sick, or have respiratory related symptoms.
We have even had customers tell us that "when my son and his family come to visit they will stop before getting here and pick up some allergy medicine and nose drops...."
We also find that some how have lived in a contaminated air Environment for a long time have become use to the symptoms and fatigue, and lack of well-being and feel it is just normal for them.
We have kids with Asthma that could not play soccer at the school they attended and after finding the inhalation and ingestion of Asthma related toxic spores; we can proudly say that this particular child is now playing soccer, no more medicines on a daily basis.
We have persons who had a case of pneumonia for the first time and never had problems before; and with findings of a past roof leak we determine the mold growth from that incident had gotten into the HVAC system and was continuing to grow and being blown right on her as she slept at night. No more problems, no more bouts with pneumonia, all has been well.
We keep mentioning antibiotics for a reason; that is most the infections, symptoms, and illness we find are fungal, not bacterial. Luckily at this point, pharmaceutical companies now have several new "anti-fungal" medications available for usage against these types of infections and chronic illnesses.
If you have your home, office, or building tested, the results of the air testing you could present to your doctor and show what you have been breathing in your environment; in a lot of cases that puts a new light on the treatment, and at the physicians choice maybe an anti-fungal or a different approach to treatment. As Environmental Health Tech's we only make recommendations and provide information; we want you to consult and follow your doctor's advise at all times.
Checking yourself
If you feel you have a lingering illness or something is causing or triggering your symptoms; you may look at our "symptoms from Mold Exposure" page to see the list and determine if could have been exposed to some fungal contamination. Also determine if you could be "hyper-sensitive" or more allergic and reactive to toxins by age; infants up to 4-5 years old, elderly or if had illness that could suppress your immune system, or some medications will effect and diminish the strength of your immune system to fight off such toxins as mold and other irritants, and of course having an existing  illness already.
But even persons with a developed and normal immune system may be just as effected by these toxins.  Keep in mind that everyone is different in their reactions to these many different toxic air-borne spores.
Some toxic molds may not cause your illness, but may certainly be a trigger that worsens your symptoms. As is typical, if a piece of black pepper gets in your nose you will sneeze, but you are not allergic to black pepper, it just triggered a symptom - the sneeze.
Do you feel better away from home for a while? Do you feel better when not at work? Do you feel as you are always sick and weak? Fatigue and lack of balance at times, face flushed after walking up stairs? Just an overall not well-being, out of sorts, not yourself?
If you feel this may be you, please give us a call as our goal is to improve the quality of anyone's life that is being effected by poor Indoor Air Quality.
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